Welcome!  This site contains the thoughts, photos, and Who Knows What Else from Second Life® avatar Trina Varriale.

Mistress Trina has a new project in July 2020!  Visit The Peak and The Cavern for information and photos.

Trina's BLOG is at http://trinavarriale.wordpress.com

Lots more of Trina's PHOTOS are at http://flickr.com/trinavarriale (login required to see many of them, due to the "Moderate" maturity setting).

If you are thinking of asking to become one of Mistress Trina's submissives, you must read this page first.  It will not take long.

Trina loves Second Life® "Born" in December 2007, she has explored the worlds of mermaids, ponies, puppies, fauns, models and dancers.

Since 2008, Trina's main role has been as the the Mistress of the House of Trina, a very loving Domme/Sub-based house with quite a large membership.  Her house has been around all this time with both old and new female avatars discovering this refuge to learn, share and love.  The House of Trina is located on oceanfront "Mainland" land that she owns.

Please feel free to IM Trina in-world anytime!

(Not in SL?  You can Email me.  To figure out my Email address, just take my first and last name and smash them together likethis , then add at yahoo.com.  I hope that bit of screwing around keeps the spam out.)

Trina's shape, unchanged since 2008, is by artist Chardonay Babii. Her floating mermaid hair is by Sirena.

Copyright 2010-2020 by Trina Varriale, who is solely responsible for its content.  Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc. 


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